Rehydration Solution

I.D. Enhancer Spray

This non-toxic residue free solution was a collaboration of an experienced Forensic Scientist and Histology Technician. The I.D. Enhancer Spray provides quick and effortless ridge detail improvement for all your fingerprinting needs. Simply spray the solution onto the printing subjects hands prior to fingerprinting. The subject should rub the solution over the intended ridge detail and sufficient time should be allowed for the solution to absorb into the skin tissue (absorption time is dependent on existing tissue hydration levels).

I.D. Enhancer Spray can be used on all your “difficult” printing tasks, as well as for routine fingerprinting. The solution will rehydrate the friction ridge skin providing clearer and more pronounced ridge detail. I.D. Enhancer Spray is ideally suited for living subjects, but may also be used on deceased subjects. See the I.D. Enhancer Postmortem Kit sold below for use with deceased subjects. I.D.

Since 2012, I have been trying to try and find a solution to desiccated hands. After hours and numerous trials with dangerous chemicals, complicated chemicals and other experimental techniques, I can finally say we found the solution to our problem. This solution has helped me to successfully identify 25 in 2017 and 35 in 2018. Your solution has helped us to positively identify a lot of individuals whose families have been able to get closure and they have been able to bury their loved ones.

Sold as a 4ox, various volume sizes, or as a concentrate. Purchase online from Sirchie or Tritech Forensics.

Case Studies



The forearm of a merchant marine was discovered frozen in a glacier in 1999 after his death from a plane crash that occurred in 1948. Identification of the service airman was necessary but had proved unsuccessful for nearly five years.


KDL provided George Washington University with the identification solution to assist in the identification. After using the solution, the fingertips yielded such quality prints that the victim was clearly identifiable through fingerprint comparison.



In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina bodies were being discovered throughout the coastal areas. Individuals that were missing needed to be identified. The Mississippi State Crime Laboratory was in need of rehydration solution.


KDL was able to donate their entire supply of rehydration solution to help in the identification process of individuals on the storm-ravaged Gulf Coast. This solution has been battle tested!