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Active Shooter Specialists

KDL Solutions, LLC has designed, built and supplied active shooter training kits for greater than ten years. As an award-winning Hattiesburg, Mississippi-based Company, KDL provides the very best training kits in the industry to support law enforcement leadership in preparation for active shooter and any other emergency situations that may arise. KDL specializes in supplying all levels of law enforcement with level 1 and 2 kits that complement Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRTTM). In addition to supplying ALERRT training kits, KDL specializes in developing comprehensive kits for facility and classroom emergency preparedness as well as a rehydration solution for improving fingerprinting ridge detail.

Active shooter training kit demo

KDL’s Level 1 Active Shooter Training Kit includes seven cases of the most up-to-date and comprehensive training components. The kit is all inclusive from weapons, classroom materials to protective devices. KDL’s latest Level 2 Medical Kit also includes everything law enforcement needs for the ALERRTTM training. KDL is the sole source provider for these kits.

Our Facility Emergency kit for Active Shooter Incidents is an effective tool for use in sheltering in place and evacuating. The kit contains classroom management items, first aid items and other critical items necessary to manage injuries and increase safety in a crisis. These kits can be paired with our individual Classroom Emergency Kits to provide substantially more advanced first aid items.

KDL’s Rehydration solution provides quick and effortless fingerprinting ridge detail improvement. This product is a must for any forensic scientist, medical examiner or law enforcement professional.

Our distinguished list of professionals include: 

Kimberly R. Wright

Kimberly R. WrightKimberly is the COO and owner of KDL Solutions. She also holds the position as Anatomic Pathology Team Leader at Forrest General Hospital. She is an experienced leader in the areas of organization optimization, strategy, lean concepts, performance improvement and leadership competency. She has developed and supported development of the numerous products KDL Solutions. LLC offers today.

Kimberly is a graduate of William Carey University with a Bachelor of Science in Biology with a specialty in Histotechnology, She is Board Certified by the American Society of Clinical Pathologists. She is Black Belt certified in Six Sigma.
Kimberly has publications in The Journal of Histotechnology and performed fundamental research in the area of fingerprint rehydration.

Dean Bertram, Ph.D

Dean Bertram, Ph.DDean is the President and Partner of KDL Solutions LLC. Dean leads company’s key initiatives while overseeing the sales . Dean’s professional background is in the field of Forensic Science and has over 25 years of experience working in a teaching and research Laboratory. Bertram currently teaches numerous forensic science courses at The University of Southern Mississippi. He has consulted and instructed throughout the country and internationally. He served as the Director of the International Forensic Science Academy. Although a scientist by trade, Dean has experience as lead investigator on numerous federal grants dealing specifically on the topic of active shooter training. Through the grants funded by Mississippi Office of Homeland security Bertram and his staff helped implement state wide active shooter training in Mississippi utilizing Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT). Currently KDL Solution LLC is contracted with The ALERRT center in San Marcos, Texas and provides equipment needs throughout the United States. Bertram is continuously working to improve and enhance both law enforcement and forensic science products.

Les Goff, Ph.D

Les Goff, Ph.DLes is a Senior Executive and Entrepreneur that innovates, sets strategy, organizes, focuses and delivers results. Les is currently a managing partner of KDL Solutions, LLC a forensic science and homeland security based company.

Previously, Les worked for GE Plastics for 16 years in various roles. He held leadership positions in a variety of businesses that included:

  • General Management of one of the Plastics businesses with profit and loss responsibility 
  • Product Development Management
  • Global R&D Management
  • Global Marketing Management.

Les’s broad business experience includes development of very early stage technologies through to commercialization. His client’s have ranged from individuals, universities, Economic Development Organizations to Fortune 50 companies. He is a GE-trained Master Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma.

Post-GE, he has participated in more than a dozen start-up companies as an investor, CEO, COO, CTO, founder and owner with several successful exits. He delivers business value through Strategy Execution and Problem Solving   in challenging and changing environments.

Dr. Goff is a founding member of the Mississippi Angel Network and member of the Bulldog Angel Network (Mississippi State University). He has a Ph. D. in Polymer Science and Engineering from the University of Southern Mississippi