First Responder Medical Kit

Tactical Medical for Patrol Officers/First Responder Medical (FRM)

KDL’s TMPO kit, formerly ALERRT Level II, can be purchased as a stand-alone for those with limited equipment, or as an add-on for those who are already equipped to train ALERRT Level I. Fully stocked to meet all the goals and objectives of the ALERRT curriculum, KDL remains the only company in the world offering this expansive equipment set as a single purchase item. In addition to the complete training kit, KDL also provides resupply kits (pre-portioned with all necessary printed materials and expendables) and with each twelve resupplies, a free refurbish kit that replaces those items prone to wear and tear during training.

Each KDL Level 1 Medical Kit includes:


Contains gunshot wound, laceration, evisceration, compound fracture moulage including blood bags, mixers and pumps. Additionally includes a variety of tactical and make shift litters as well as an instructor demonstration kit.

Bleeding Control & Go Bags

Contains an EMT style response case with assorted items of moulage, a small hard sided tourniquet case with a full class set of CAT Tourniquets, a class set of stocked go bags and a variety of other small training and instructional devices.

Resupply Kits

All registration forms, rosters, manuals, tests, evaluations, disposable personal protective equipment, marking ammunition, blanks, single use moulage, scene set-up and scene clean-up supplies.

Refurbish Kit

Provided free of charge with the purchase of twelve resupplies, these kits provide replacement tourniquets, moulage and scene supplies for items known to have a limited service life.

ALERRT prescribed level two medical training