Erase Kit

Another complete training kit, KDL’s Exterior Response for Active Shooter Events (ERASE) kit arrives ready to use. The kit’s contents meet the course requirements developed by the ALERRT Center and sanctioned by both the US Department of Justice and the US Department of Homeland Security.

The ERASE kit includes equipment needed to prepare first responders for an active shooter encounter in an open air environment. Including training weapons and equipment more suitable for open space engagements, ambushes, medical emergencies, officer/citizen down rescue, this kit provides officers with an expansive opportunity to train in areas and practice techniques that while necessary, have often been overlooked.

This all-inclusive kit is packaged in lockable shipping containers that offer safety, security, mobility and protection for your training investment.

Each KDL ERASE Kit includes:

Cases 1, 2, and 3: Weapons and Gear

These cases include lockable hard cases with M4 (simunition) rifles, safety gear, loaded go bags, blank weapons, vehicular assault gear, maintenance and cleaning gear.

Case 4: Weapons

Contains Glock 17t (simunition) weapons, magazines and cleaning supplies.

Case 5: Electronics

Contains a laptop computer (preloaded with course documents/videos) and all required peripherals to instruct (speakers, remote, wiring packages) jump drives with class materials (Backup copies) LCD projector and power strip.

Case 6. Scenario Kit

Contains rifle magazine, tourniquets, rescue kits, litters, drag straps, extraction devices, eye protection and bandages.

KDL Erase Kit Pricing